Integrity is an international movement of Anglican gay men, lesbians, and friends.
Integrity/Toronto is an autonomous chapter of the Integrity movement in Canada,
operating primarily in the Diocese of Toronto.


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The Toronto Chapter of Integrity exists to exercise these three ministries:


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A CHURCH AT WAR - Anglicans, Homosexuality and Social Justice
A symposium held May 5 and 6, 2006 with author Stephen Bates, Archbishop Terence Finlay
and Canon Douglas Graydon
Reports on the Symposium are in the May 2006 Integrator

Photos of Integrity's 30 th Anniversary Celebrations
17 October 2005
Integrator 2005-5 carries reports of these celebrations.

Integrity Report on General Synod 2004

Integrity photos from General Synod 2004

Integrity Canada Press Release
On Same Sex Motions at General Synod 2004
2 June 2004


If you're looking for a parish where lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people will be welcome in the pews, go to the Proud Anglicans website for a listing.


Please join us in Prayer

Integrity/Toronto is a worshipping community. Once a month, we gather around Christ's table. We gather strength for the journey here, from the worship and from each other.

It would, of course, be wonderful to see all of our members (and others) join us at the table. However, we realise that's not possible. Our members are in all ten provinces, and overseas. Those within travelling distance can't always make it either. But if you can join us in prayer on the third Monday of the month, wherever you are, our community will be the stronger for it, and we will all be blessed. Join the great cloud of witnesses.


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