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Membership in Integrity is open to all people of goodwill who support full inclusion of lesbians and gay men in the life of the Anglican church. The regular membership fee is $15 single or $20 couple, but the fee is pay-what-you-can for those with limited means. Membership is a way of showing support for the things that Integrity stands for, even if you cannot attend our worship services. Membership includes a subscription to the paper edition of Integrator. We have members in all estates of the church (laity, bishops, priests and deacons), both homo- and hetero-sexual; living in all ten Canadian provinces, and some members from the United States and overseas. If you would like to join their number, please get in touch -- either by email or by post at the address above. Our membership lists are strictly confidential, and are never divulged to anyone outside the Integrity/Toronto executive.

Integrity/Toronto is a registered charitable organisation with Revenue Canada, and donations over membership are tax-receiptable.


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