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Integrity works for full inclusion and justice for gay and lesbian people within the Anglican church. Integrity members are constantly in dialogue with other faithful church-people who do not agree with us on questions of the position of homosexuals in the church. One of those groups is Fidelity, a Toronto-based group who advocate the church's traditional teaching with regard to sexual matters.

Part of our interaction with Fidelity was a Eucharist, when Canon Paul Feheley, Fidelity's Vice-President, came to celebrate and preach at one of Integrity's monthly services. We believe it is important to realize that we all worship the same God, in the same church. This joint celebration will happen again. We have included photos and a brief description of Joint Integrity - Fidelity Eucharist in 2000.

On a more formal level, Integrity and Fidelity members are part of a dialogue group called together by Bishop Terence Finlay of Toronto. After three years work, that group came out with a statement of Emerging Common Ground ; and their discussions continue within The Anglican Diocese of Toronto.

Our Co-Convener, Chris Ambidge, wrote on the progress of Integrity's communication with our dialogue partners in an article published in the May 1998 issue of The Witness, a social justice magazine published in the United States.


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