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Pictures of Recent Events

Photos from our 30th Anniversary Celebration on 17 October 2005.

Photos from General Synod 2004

Pride 2002 Integrity marches with six Toronto parishes, all Proud Anglicans.

* Victoria Day Party following our May 2002 Eucharist.

*Integrity/Toronto's Retreat in April 2002

* Photos from General Synod 2001, 4 to 11 July 2001.

Chris Ambidge has placed 83 photos that he took at GS2001 up on his personal web site:
* Pride 2001 Integrity and six Toronto parishes march with pride in the 2001 Pride Parade.

* Integrity at Toronto diocesan Synod 2000

* Pictures of some members at the Loving Justice Conference at Holy Trinity Church in December 2000.

* Integrity and Fidelity celebrate the Eucharist together - November 2000

* Integrity/Toronto's 25th anniversary celebrations

* Pride celebrations 1999 and 2000


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