Integrity at General Synod 2004
A Photo Record

Integrity at GS2004
Anna, Penelope, Sister Thelma-Anne ssjd, and Don

Integrity was out in strength for General Synod 2004 at St Catherines, Ontario.

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Back: Steve Schuh, Vancouver; Ron Chaplin, Ottawa; Penelope Holeton, Toronto; Canon Garth Bulmer, Rector of St Johns, (Ottawa);
Middle: Dr Don Meen, Vancouver; Patti Brace, Sudbury; Ann Turner, Hamilton; Lillian Porter, Niagara; Don Uttley, Toronto;
Front:Chris Ambidge, Toronto; Anna Langenwalter, Toronto; John Gartshore, Toronto
Ann Turner and Daniel Brereton of Integrity/Niagara
Lillian Porter, BK Hipsher and Chris Ambidge (front) of Integrity/Toronto
Integrity Eucharist, June 1
Paul, Anna, Bob, Lillian, Ron, Penelope, Don, John
with Joyce Sanchez of Montreal
Integrity Eucharist, June 3
Back: big-tall Bob; Middle: Steve, Paul, Don, +Barry, Anna, Lillian, John
Front: Peter Zimmer, Prince George and Penelope
Peter Tovell of Integrity/Calgary and
Penelope Holeton of Integrity/Toronto
Bishop Barry Hollowell of Calgary
and Paul Bunnell of Vancouver
Anna Langenwalter, Toronto
talks to
Bob Webster, Winnipeg
Display falls down

Goes boom!

The Long and the Short of it
Patti and Bob were the vertical extremes of the Integrity staff


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