Integrity/Fidelity Eucharists 2000-01

Since 1995, Integrity/ Toronto members have been sitting at the same table with members of Fidelity, all at the invitation of Archbishop Finlay. The dialogue that takes place seeks to find ways in which we can all live together in the same church, while holding differing views on homosexuals in that same church.


Since 1997, Integrity/ Toronto members have been joining members of Fidelity at the eucharistic table, all at the invitation of Jesus Christ our Saviour. The celebration that takes place is an instance of the major way that we all live together in the same church, a mark of our common faith.

Integrity works for the full inclusion of lesbigays in all aspects of the Church's life. Fidelity believes that the traditional teachings of the church around sexuality should be closely adhered to.


On 20 November 2000, the fourth annual Integrity - Fidelity celebration of the Eucharist took place at the Church of the Redeemer. The celebrant was the Rev Bob Webster on the right, an Integrity/ Toronto member from Winnipeg; and the preacher was the Rev Canon Paul Feheley left, vice-president of Fidelity.

Some of the worshippers in November 2000(L-R):
Bob; Paul; John of Integrity/Toronto; Bruce of Integrity/Montreal, and Catherine of Fidelity.

Chris Ambidge, of Integrity; and Paul Feheley, of Fidelity;
at the reception after the 2000 Eucharist

On 19 November 2001, Canon Feheley again celebrated the Eucharist for 15 members of Integrity and Fidelity. In 2000, Redeemer was under construction, and there was no heat. This year, the welcome was both metaphorically and physically warm.



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