Integrity/Toronto at Pride 2001
Proud Anglicans!

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There were signs (and portents) outside the Church of the Redeemer (Integrity's home parish) throughout Pride Week (18-24 June 2001)

Redeemer?s Signboard, Pride Week 2001
From the left -- David Townsend, Chris Ambidge, Bonnie Crawford-Bewley, and Penelope Holeton

And on Sunday 24 June came the Pride Parade itself. All sorts and conditions of Anglicans marched proudly in the parade -- primary evangelism!

The St James' Cathedral Gays and Lesbians group organised Anglicans from all sorts of parishes to join in and march with the parade. By our count, there were seven parishes represented. Integrity, of course, joined in the midst of all this. It was our seventeenth (at least) presence in the Toronto Pride parade. Our photos begin as we were waiting for the parade to start.

Integrity Pride marchers
Some Integrity marchers -- John Gartshore, Peter Iveson, and Penelope Holeton carrying the Integrity banner

 Jeff and friend
Fr Jeff, from St Matthias, came with a canine friend. There's another excellent photo of Jeff in the parade on another website. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

 St Simon?s
St Simon's had a banner made for the occasion by Marion (on the right)

 St Peter?s
St Peter's had quite a contingent

 Cathedral float
St James' Cathedral had a not only a banner, but a float, too.
Holy Trinity also had a float, and goodly number of marchers, but an administrative mixup separated the two floats on the day, so we don't have any photos of Holy Trinity people.

 Judy and Mary-Jane
Judy and Mary-Jane, from the Cathedral

Ellen-Marie and Marj from the Church of the Redeemer. We didn't get a photo before the parade of Richard, also from Redeemer; but there's a rather stern photo of him in the parade, on another website. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

 Chris as Her Maj
Chris Ambidge, our Co-Convener, marched too. A Royal presence. And after all, THE Queen is Anglican.

 Proud Anglicans
All of us Proud Anglicans marched behind this banner (organised and carried by the Cathedral folks). And proud we were!

A mere 15 minutes behind schedule, the parade set off! There's a wonderful photo of the PROUD ANGLICANS banner in the parade on Dundas St on another website. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.

 the parade on Bloor St
Here we are actually marching, near the beginning of the parade, on Bloor St East. Our banner shows up well, and that's Chris caught in the act of Queen-waving.
This photo was taken by Chris Chin, who posted his Pride photos on the web; we found it by surfing.

 Anglicans, regular and honorary, on Yonge St
Here we are on Yonge Street. The Anglicans were mentioned in the Toronto Star coverage of the parade the next day, and this photo was one of many in the electronic version of the paper. We have no idea who the leather-man carrying one of our many Anglicans Marching with Pride! signs was. He came up to us on Bloor St, near the beginning of the parade, and said "I can't find my group - can I march with you?", and did. We handed him a sign, and he said "I'll be an Anglican for the afternoon."


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