Pride 2002

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Toronto Pride Day began with a Pride service at the Church of the Redeemer (Integrity's home parish)

Sunday Morning Pride Day worship - Stephen Reynolds & Andrew Asbil wear matching rainbow stoles, made by Co-Convener Bonnie Bewley. (Although the stoles were made some time ago, we believe this is the first time the two have been worn at the same service.)

Then in the afternoon came the parade itself. Six parishes and Integrity joined to march proudly in the parade -- primary evangelism!

We had to wait quite a while -the parade began on time and then got delayed - we were lucky to be waiting on the shady side of the street.

Some of the clergy assembled, relaxing before the march began: Andrew Asbil (from Redeemer), Lillian Porter (Integrity/Toronto's chaplain, telling the good word), Bishop Ann Tottenham, and Integrity member Robert Gorham.

Chaplain Lillian on the left, BK Hipsher (who made the sign) on the right.

Andrew Asbil and Judy Herron-Graham, rectors of Redeemer and St Peter's, respectively

After a two-hour wait, we were off. These pictures were taken as we moved from the marshalling area down Church St to Bloor St where the parade began.

All Proud Anglicans marched behind this banner

Integrity People
from the left: Robert, Lillian and B; Anna and Aleda with Integrity banners
in behind: marchers from St James' Cathedral, and from St Matthias.

Redeemer people

St Peter's Carlton Street (and Integrity signs), with Cathedral float behind

Cathedral float, with St Simon's following

Holy Trinity

Integrity Calgary marched in their pride 9 June 2002

Integrity Calgary had a new banner for the 2002 parade

Pride Day in Ottawa 14 July 2002

St John the Evangelist on Elgin St in Ottawa was right on the parade route. This is their lemonade stand just before the parade went by. Notice the signboard on the left.

Serving lemonade to people in the old-bus float

At the end of the parade came two (new) city buses, which picked up anyone who was too tired to walk further. Just in front of the buses were four men carrying signs asserting that God was displeased with Pride celebrations. People from St John's didn't let that go unchallenged, and joined in with a sign of their own announcing God's love for all of creation as the tail end of the parade passed the church.

Signs of anger and of love. That's Gillian and Shawn (and Shawn's dog) from St John's, and someone from Calvary Baptist Church

Gillian and Shawn sang about God's love for everyone while their sign proclaimed the same.


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