Integrity at Lesbian/Gay Pride 1999-2000

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Lesbian/Gay Pride is naturally a big celebration for Integrity members.

Some of our members march with other Anglicans in the Pride Parade, carrying (among other things) our banner and signs that Integrity made. Integrity has been in the Pride Parade since the early 1980s.

Integrity joined other Anglicans marching with Pride for the 1999 Pride Parade

Don surrounded with hand-held placards just after they were made in time for the Pride 99 (and later years) march.

Our friends from St James' Cathedral in the Pride 2000 march. Behind is the Affirm (United Church G+L group) banner

Of course, our worship service in Pride Week is a particularly joyful occasion.
Here is the congregation at Integrity's Pride Week 2000 Eucharist


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